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Feature Articles

The Personal Development Center provides free access to feature articles by research scientist Robert L. Peck. These PDC articles explore important issues such as health, longevity, and how to direct and control your life. For those readers who want to know and who want more in their life, these articles can be an excellent start. PDC organizes its articles into five categories: Health, Philosophy, Physiology, Transformation, and a special category—Translations. Below you will find a brief synopsis of the topics covered in each category. Sit back and explore the wealth of ideas, research, and critical thinking PDC articles offers.

About Health and Well-being

Your health is much more than eating your fruits and veggies. Your well-being also includes the right kind of exercise and outlook on life. Yet, the demands of work, family, and home often compel us to grab a cookie for breakfast as we head out to work. However, even if we drink enough water, get enough sleep, eat balanced meals, meditate daily… we often discover that our disciplines displace any joy. This happens because we forget that “…there are unseen causes that produce physical effects” in our life. These unseen causes (also known as first principles or metaphysics) must be considered as we master our technological world. In other words, the needs of our inner world are just as important as the needs of our outer world.

Why Philosophy Is Important

The love of knowledge known as “philosophy” is ever present in our day-to-day lives. Our self-image, spiritual beliefs, joys and frustrations are all related to our personal philosophy. The idea of thinking about theoretical discussions seems too academic and not worth the effort. We are too busy responding to life’s daily demands. However, the experiences gained through philosophical considerations strengthen our views and opens doors to future possibilities. Take control of your thinking for it is the foundation of your future. With a strong philosophy, the meaning and purpose of your life becomes clearer.

About the Organs of Your Body

Do you recognize the power of your physiology to affect your mental state? For example, the hormone serotonin can essentially control such traits as creativity, depression, anger, and sexual and sensory response. Do you know how your perineum functions as a center of control and why it must be kept in good shape? How about your breasts and nipples? Do you know how they connect to the perineum? What about the effects of the abdominal churning of intense laughing and crying? In fact, controlling these organs of the body is essential for your personal development. By integrating modern with ancient science, research scientist Robert L. Peck provides a clearer understanding of the nature and function of these critical organs of the body in his feature articles.


Our natural world is in a continual state of transformation, yet we have trouble controlling and enjoying changes in ourselves. Instead, we look to others we admire for the assurance that our way of life is good and right. Amidst this confusing game called living, we sometimes find special physical and mental states that give us an inner strength and self-confidence to reach for more. Over time, the universality of these experiences becomes obvious as our self-confidence strengthens. Author Robert L. Peck explains how individuals who undergo self-transformations are exceptional, creative, and generally make the world a better place. Peck elaborates on an ancient science and philosophy that describes specially developed muscles, organs, and mental states associated with inner self-transformation.