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Wesley Concerned About Social Issues

Young John Wesley for social justice.

John Wesley Said People Need Jobs

John Wesley founded a small group at Oxford in England who had a unique method of adding fervor and zeal to their discipline of finding perfection. Thus, they became known as the Methodists. Yet his energies went beyond seeking personal spirituality, for Wesley was deeply concerned about the social issues of his times.

According to William Law in 1738, Wesley had a particular aptitude for meditation and a disposition to probe to the root of things.

Wesley questioned, “Why are thousands of people starving, perishing for want, in every part of England?

His conclusion? “They have no meat, because they have no work.”

Click the link below and read Wesley’s 1772 Letter to the Editor of Lloyds Evening Post. In it John Wesley probes to the roots of England’s 18th century economic recession. His words can yield a timely perspective on our 21st century social issues.


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