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The Perennial Religion

Long before the start of the world’s major religions, there existed a faith which served as the foundation for all institutionalized religions. This Perennial Religion exists in plain sight. Its teachings and powers are openly discussed. A significant percentage of people follow its dictates; yet it is well hidden. It is called the Perennial Religion for two reasons. Firstly, it keeps reappearing as does a perennial plant. Secondly, it can be compared to the universal mystical understanding of reality called the perennial philosophy.

Who follow the Perennial Religion?

Those individuals who follow the practices of this Perennial Religion choose their own future but also have an absolute faith in their future. They make the world a better and happier place. No matter how others judge their actions, the results are beneficial to society. Many of these individuals make no claim to follow any formal religion. Many even scoff at the idea of a god. Nevertheless, they have an implicit faith they will be guided by some external hidden means in reaching their goals in life. Most importantly, these individuals have an unquestioning belief that they will find whatever they fully dedicate themselves to. They know that unseen doors will open. Sometimes, they will experience impossible events that prepare the way to their desired goals. Likewise, they see beyond death.

What are its Benefits?

Our news media delight in reporting the nearly impossible feats performed by some of these inspired and energized individuals. For example, these heroes save lives, correct injustices, create useful inventions, or change the structure of a society. The reporters do not offer a religious explanation of these feats, because the majority of the populace would not understand nor accept it. However, those who follow (perhaps unknowingly) the practices of the Perennial Religion are not hesitant to offer an explanation. They speak of dedication, faith, and perseverance. They enjoy helping others find the joy and purpose in life that they have found within their own.


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