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Christine S. Gavlick

A color photograph of Personal Development Center author Christine S. Gavlick.

Author Christine S. Gavlick is a retired special education teacher who spent most of her teaching years assisting at-risk teenagers in finding a solid path in life. Balancing her student’s social and emotional needs with their educational development became the cornerstone of her career. While teaching mathematics, Christine also implemented a cooking class. She found how students could experience the phenomena of oneness, joy, and comradery through their coordinated efforts of cooking, serving, and eating together.

Christine is also chief editor at the Personal Development Center. Her research into Ancient Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit terms has been vital to the success of the Center’s publications. Her lifelong love of words and reading, combined with her natural ability to feel how words convey subtle meanings, continues to enrich the ongoing explorations into universal mind, supernormal abilities, and joy in life.

Experimental College

During the 1970’s the University of Connecticut ran an Experimental College offering non-credited self-development enrichment courses. Looking for more in her life, Christine signed-up for asana and meditation classes led by research scientist, Robert L. Peck. She quickly discovered how these classes incorporated a scientific approach and view like no other. Bob’s unique meditation method was proving itself very effective as well. With her undergraduate studies completed, Christine began working on a one-year master’s degree program in special education. Bob’s meditation classes provided a necessary balance to counter all the stress while also empowering her to build her own philosophy of life and develop special relationships. With her master’s degree completed, Christine married and would work nearly ten years in the beautiful mountain schools of northern Colorado.

Inner Source of Wisdom

Author Christine S. Gavlick started her life pursuing what is best described as the inner source of wisdom. She realized the importance of learning how to discriminate the actions of the brain from that of the heart. Her childhood was filled with the wonderment and mystique of the Church. The sensations of incense, chanting, prayers, and the discovery of an inner quiet helped to balance the challenges in her life. From these experiences, Christine worked to find a personal contact with a higher intelligence. She built her life around seeking and understanding this powerful union.

While living in Colorado, Christine longed for the community and personal changes she had been finding in Bob’s meditation classes. Accordingly, she joined a local meditation group and became immersed in the Co-Counseling movement. The Co-counseling techniques for personal change, which often lead to intense crying, proved significant. Christine found ways of accessing her true inner feelings and getting beyond her brain.

Life-Changing Decisions

It is often purely—out of the blue—when we experience a deep truth that goes to the core of our being and challenges us to make life-changing decisions. These special insights are very clear, and Christine’s moment of truth was no exception. While contemplating the unexpected death of a family member, she realized her life was not right. She was not in the right place with the right people and there were important questions to be answered. Within the next six months, Christine quit her job, separated from her husband and moved back to Connecticut. After quickly finding a teaching job, she resumed her self-development research with Bob Peck. The study of a philosophy of joy, the inner powers of individuals, and answers to important questions were now her top priority.

It has been over thirty years since that life-changing decision. Today author Christine S. Gavlick is living and working with Bob and his wife. Together they are researching, writing, and publishing books and articles on the foundations of personal development. Presently, their efforts are focused on the science behind the quantum effects of becoming of one mind.