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The Higher Aspects of Being Creative

Create: To bring into existence, from Latin Creare: to bring forth

Creative Individuals

The higher aspects of being creative are illustrated by the lives of four individuals—a pharmacologist, a chemist, an engineer, and an inventor with no formal education—whose creations significantly changed our world. These individuals serve as reminders of our own inner potential to create and change.

The Higher Aspects of Creation

In reading stories of being creative, it is not always easy to point to one critical answer or occurrence. It may have taken several creative insights to acquire critical information. Also, these steps are difficult if not impossible to explain to others. Creation is not something that an individual does. It is something that happens when the individual is dedicated, seeking, trusting and receptive. Some may argue that the creative experiences of these famous men were the result of luck, an imaginative dream, or just a turn of fate.  However, the results point to something more, since: 1) they were the results being sought for, 2) they were unexpected and unknowable and 3) they had a power to change the world.


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