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Robert L. Peck

Color photograph of Personal Development Center author and research scientist Robert L. Peck

Robert L. Peck is a retired research physicist, inventor, businessman, and self-taught expert on altered states of consciousness and pain management. As Director of the Personal Development Center which he established in 1975, Peck has been able to raise questions and find essential answers regarding reality and the true nature of the self. As a physicist with extensive work in physical-electrochemistry and personal self-development, Peck identifies how our modern science integrated with ancient science becomes the ideal approach to find the meaning of life and its source of joy.

Peck’s first publication, American Meditation and Beginning Yoga, seemed natural to write as his original approach to meditation became very popular with students in his meditation classes. This book provides a clear overview and easy to understand approach to Eastern self-development techniques. After reading American Meditation, Sri Madhav P. Pandit was so impressed, he spent a few days with Peck during a visit to the United States. Pandit urged him to “not hold back” in his unique approach and system of teaching.

Yoga CEO

Since then, Peck has not “held back” and is affectionately known as the yoga CEO (Chief Explaining Officer) at the Personal Development Center. His many articles and books document his conclusions about the mind/body connection and bio-energy development. Peck has been able to recognize the validity of an ancient science preserved within both Eastern and Western esoteric documents and how it relates to the modern scientific understanding of life. Presently he is researching the subtle metaphysical realities supported by Quantum Physics. To learn more, please read American Meditation, Controlling Your Hormones, Joy and Evolution, or Peck’s other books.

Peck’s Early Science and Consciousness Experiences

Robert L. Peck was raised in Denver, Colorado U.S.A. His father was a successful engineer and his mother a proud homemaker. As a curious child he converted his father’s coal bin into a private laboratory to explore electrical circuits, Tesla coils, and various chemical formulations. While his days were full, he continued his creative explorations at bedtime discovering deep states of altered consciousness while trying to stay awake at night.

After graduating from high school, Peck was drafted and enlisted in the Army in 1946. He was trained in pharmacy at Brooks Army Medical Center and served as a Pharmacy Technician and Paramedic in the South Pacific at the end of WWII. During his time in the Pacific he had interesting experiences with an island witch doctor and became good friends with a Ch’an priest. He later participated in Zen archery with a group of Japanese monks long before Zen became fashionable in the West.

Life-Changing Accident

After his service in the Army, Peck enrolled at the University of Colorado, married, and started a family. As a young father he had a life-changing accident along with a “near-death experience.” While standing on the side of a highway, he was hit and crushed between two cars and pushed 50 feet. His smashed legs eventually healed enough to walk, and he chose to manage his constant pain through mental concentrations and aspirin rather than have his knee joints fused.

While recovering and managing his injuries, Peck raised a family of six children, a dog, several goats, a goose, and a donkey as they lived in a rural setting. He completed his degree in physics at the University and worked at the National Bureau of Standards (now the NIST). Peck also became a popular Scout Master leading many survival hikes high in the Colorado mountains. Years later, he heard from former Scouts who credited their survival while fighting in Vietnam to those skills learned in in his troop.

After ten years with the Bureau of Standards, Peck moved his family to Connecticut where he found himself working in quality assurance in the late 1960’s. He eventually started his own research lab in the field of energy conversions, formed several businesses, and patented many inventions. His EPM (Electro Permeable Membrane) proved to have several applications in the energy field as well as the medical industry. During this time, he had interesting discussions with several successful businessmen who shared their philosophy of life. He discovered that there are others like him who are curious about the underlying metaphysical aspects of life. Exactly what makes life worth living? What is the source of joy?

Important Questions

Like other seekers, Peck was raised in a religious family, but he found that his religious background didn’t help him answer the important questions. He had subtle mystical experiences as a child that were impossible to discuss with anyone, and the books available at that time did not provide much information. When Peck took a course in meditation as an adult, he discovered that he had been meditating all of his life and that he had found “yogic sleep” as a young boy trying to stay awake all night. While exploring and successfully applying Yoga exercises to relieve pain in his damaged legs, Peck recognized how the language of Yoga describes mystical experiences and perhaps answers important questions about life and source of joy.

Peck’s Unique Approach to Yoga

Robert L. Peck's unique approach to Yoga and methods of finding increase joy in life.

In the 1970’s Peck led classes in a specialized form of meditation. The combination of his scientific background and his personal experiences of higher states of consciousness gave Peck a great advantage. His classes were conducted in a manner similar to a research group. Individuals reported and shared what they found under the guidance of the project leader. These classes were held in adult education programs, churches, universities, and private homes. Except for adult education fees, Peck didn’t charge—wanting to foster an open exchange of ideas. His students experimented with the practices he culled from many Eastern philosophies and religions including Yoga, the Tao, and Buddhism.

The methods Peck was finding in the traditional Yoga schools corresponded directly with techniques he naturally developed in his youth. His early classes incorporated the basic elements of Yoga as outlined by Patanjali (5th Century Yogic philosopher). With his science background he recognized how Sanskrit writings were very similar to scientific technical documents. The language of Sanskrit was perfect in explaining increased vitality, higher states of consciousness, and pain control. Peck realized his experiences elevated him to being identified as a Yogi.

Peck’s Bio-Energy Method

Peck’s natural method of increasing the body’s bio-energy involves stimulation of the body’s perineum. His method begins with sitting on a small rolled towel with special concentrations (see American Meditation). In his book The Handbook for Goats, Peck also discusses the effects and history of nipple stimulation. Peck’s complete method involves combining nipple stimulation with the special perineal pressure. This natural approach of Peck’s method correlates with many Eastern and Western esoteric philosophies and practices. With continued research, Peck realized that the ancient philosophies and practices are actually an ancient science verifying his natural method. Using his science background, Peck read many religious writings as technical discourses and discovered useful developmental techniques for Americans.

Discovery of an Ancient Science

Hidden within a revered South Asian treatise, the Parātrīśikā Vivaraṇa, Peck discovered an ancient thirty verse treatise. (See The Golden Triangle, Power for Change, Directing Life and Controlling Your Hormones). His discovery provided vital support for his American meditation methods and explains his childhood experiences with altered states of consciousness. The discovery of an ancient science which relates to modern science paved the way for understanding many religious practices and their connections to sources of joy. Peck recognized how ancient descriptions of supernormal phenomena and inner vitality correlate with modern descriptions of physical bio-energy.

Peck has uncovered methods for becoming a superior person by finding a source of joy within one’s self. His success comes from his clear historical critiques and easy to understand philosophy of Yoga. Learn more about Peck’s technical methods of increasing the body’s bio-energy.