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The Great Medical Myth

Medical statistics debunking the great medical myth that modern medicine has not increased average life expectancy.

We have fallen for the great medical myth that modern medicine is keeping us healthier and living longer than ever before.

We now perceive medicine as being the means of extending our life and freeing us from pain. To support this belief, Americans are now spending over twenty cents out of each dollar on modern medicine and are currently planning to spend even more.

It is surprising; therefore, that no one seems to be asking if they are getting their money’s worth in terms of a longer, more fruitful life. It is also surprising that data that proves the ineffectiveness of modern medicine, in terms of increasing either life expectancy or health, is so readily available through the U.S. Government’s Vital Statistics, the U.S. Department of Health, as well as the AMA. In addition, most of the following information is readily available within the yearly Almanacs.


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