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Asclepius, Greek God of Healing

Asclepius (Ασκλήπίος) is the early allegorical Greek god of healing. The allegorical gods were not considered to have any power within themselves but were able to describe or project the feeling of an inner power, much like a statue or movie. The description could then be used by individuals to find and generate the referenced power within themselves (similar to becoming joyous in the presence of joy). As will be shown, Asclepius is an excellent example of an allegorical god.

The name Asclepius is in itself a description of the source of the inner healing power, although the understanding of this description has been lost ever since the allegorical gods were taught to be real gods in heaven by their self-appointed priests. The word is a compound formed of two separate words. The first is askeo meaning to work with raw materials, while the second word, leptos, has the meaning of being refined, threshed or winnowed. The meaning of the compound word has been lost to the majority of people over the last millennia who do not know about threshing of grain much less about the threshing and winnowing within the body that was once widely known. The physical description of Asclepius provided a clue to the ancients since the power of Asclepius was depicted as a serpent or snake coiled three times around a stick.