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Scientific Support for the Ancient Concept of the Soul

Modern science is little by little providing solid evidence that the ancient concept of the Soul is quite supportable. The ancient, nearly universal view was that each individual had an inner Soul. Equally important, this inner power used an inner flowing fluid to bring forth an individual’s special higher powers. For millennia  many people have ridiculed and suppressed this concept. However, recent discoveries in endocrinology can explain that the ancient transformational inner fluid was a hormonal fluid. Further, the study of hormones and the autonomic control system of the body also point to a controlling source within the individual. This control center is not the brain. Different models describe it as the subconscious, the inner self, or the Soul located deep in the guts.

The ancient methods for attaining special powers can be understood by starting from the recent discoveries in endocrinology about serotonin and other hormones. These scientific discoveries assist in defining the special powers. Also, they help explain the ancient concept of the Soul.