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The Hidden Nature of Dionysos and Asclepius Revealed

Greek symbol of natural inner powers

The Hidden Nature of Dionysos and Asclepius Revealed discusses the existence of natural inner powers. These powers can override the ill effects of the conditioned brain and cleanse the body. Without today’s technical knowledge about hormones, ancient Greek science relied upon metaphors and images to point to these evolutionary powers. Over time, these ancient models have become distorted without extant Western writings to explain their original meanings. Robert L. Peck provides a brief synopsis of many of the hidden meanings and offers parallels in the ancient writings of India.

The knowledge of natural inner powers plays a critical role in the evolution of our collective global future. Learning about the effects of hormones can be interesting. However, experiencing the actual healing forces within your body is a much more effective incentive to change. When the ancient Greek writings are understood, they offer an exciting and easy way to work with your own inner powers. Using descriptive allegorical models, individuals can begin to take control over their own practices for better health.

The Hidden Nature of Dionysos and Asclepius Revealed exposes the benefits of understanding Greek allegorical models about healing. With knowledge of these Greek models, individuals can better recognize the underlying inner forces that improve their lives.

*Note: Asclepius is formed from two separate root words: askeo “to practice, exercise the body” and leptos “cleansed of the husks”.


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