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Integrating Modern with Ancient Science

The Personal Development Center (PDC) investigates the physical energy and mental models necessary for reaching your full potential in life. These foundations of personal development are the result of integrating modern with ancient science. Self-development methods proceed in a step-by-step manner regulated by your own experience and dedication.

Our work stems from research of the biological energy of the body from an experiential, physiological and historical basis. We offer books that describe how to increase your inner vitality necessary to achieve personal growth and joy in life. We have also discovered a science within ancient documents that describes the source behind supernormal capabilities. In addition, we successfully investigated many esoteric practices with hundreds of volunteers in public classes for over four decades.

Personal Development Center Research Goals

The Personal Development Center aims to:

  • research the science behind supernormal capabilities of individuals,
  • provide the foundations of personal development through the reintegration of ancient and modern wisdom, and
  • explore connections to a universal, unifying Mind.

Inspiration Behind Merging Ancient with Modern Science

The Personal Development Center began in 1975 in response to a large number of curious Americans interested in investigating some of the ancient yogic practices from India, which at the time were literally sweeping the United States. Research scientist Robert L. Peck became inspired to study the connections between ancient and modern science. A well-recognized scientist in the field of energy conversion and storage, Peck directed the Personal Development Center since its beginning. Early on, Peck discovered how his modern scientific training, inquisitive disposition and personal experiences allowed him to understand many of the Eastern and Western esoteric philosophies and methods. With his natural ability to explain both ancient and modern scientific energy models, he was able to teach the renewed ancient teachings to people from all walks of life.

As a result of the success of Peck’s initial classes, he continued to teach an ancient form of active meditation free of charge in his off-hours. Experiments with fundamental ancient practices progressed with exciting results such as increased joy, awareness, and supernormal abilities. Because of the demands for more from his students, Peck learned some Sanskrit and Greek and read many obscure documents. Peck’s research into inner strength and self-confidence ultimately led to his discovery of the modern world’s large-scale denigration of the ancient teachings.

After translating the South Asian Parātriṃśikā, Peck realized it contains both a proto science of the source of human energy and a proto philosophy of life and reality. This early science and philosophy essentially explain how the ancient people of the Indus Valley were capable of envisioning and building the world’s first large-scale utopian civilization.

Other Contributors to the Research

Over the years, other very competent scholars and teachers joined Peck in his work, assisting in the further activities of the Personal Development Center as more books were written. In addition, interactions with many of the students expanded into working with special relationships long forgotten in the rise of institutional control over individuals.

Questions and Further Requests

The Personal Development Center welcomes questions and requests for further information. Our research methods of integrating modern with ancient science has proven to be the right approach. In addition, we have found some very fundamental truths by asking obvious questions and not going by what’s popular. It’s the obvious questions that open doors to new information.

Through personal experience one is led toward simplicity, away from complex answers. Truth, once it’s understood, invariably appears to be very simple, anybody can understand it. How do you know truth? How do you know if someone speaks with authority? The answer is that if our writings apply to your problem(s), then it is truth. It’s just that simple.

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