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Nature of the True Heart

The location of the lower heart is between the thighs, just above the perineum.

The lower sacral heart is an organ that can be considered to operate at three levels.

Almost everyone has heard that joy is produced by the out flowing and manifesting of love contained within the heart, which is quite true. However, the location and nature of the true heart have been hidden with the full power of love known only to a few individuals.

This chapter offers a physiological description of the lower heart and its function. Also, it presents the convincing proof that it is the heart that makes man great, not his thinking.

Because modern society has identified humans by their ability to think, the power of basic feelings and envisioning has been largely lost. Therefore, the nature of the non-thinking processes of the body must be first discussed before the location and nature of the true heart can be fully understood.

Adapted from Joy and Evolution 


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