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Aging: A Revived Ancient View

the ancient view of aging as liberation

Counter the fear of aging and death:  Rediscover the ancient view of your heart and its true potential.

If aging is believed to lessen the life experience, then there must be no purpose to that life other than existing as part of the natural food chain. (1)  If on the other hand, growing older results in an increase in the life experience, then there must be a fundamental purpose to that life which becomes god­like.

That the average person has lost an understanding of the purpose and power in life might be evidenced in comparing modern ideas to ancient adages. Why is it that in the modern world aging is reviled, whereas in the ancient world it was venerated? Why is growing older equated with becoming increasingly limited in our modern world, whereas the ancient world generally considered aging as liberating?


1. Of microbes, viruses, insects, etc. as well as tigers


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