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The Ancient Science of Techne

Excerpt from Directing Life by Peck, Cassinari, & Gavlick

Early Greek philosophers developed the ancient science of techne to explain personal inner powers or other metaphysical forces. This ancient science was profound and considered magical. No doubt, the early Catholic Church suppressed techne along with everything associated with the Arian Heresy or pagan powers.

The word techne means “skill, art, cunning or a method of making or doing something.” Techne is a form of the root tek-. This root is found in many words, such as tekmerion meaning “proof” or tekon meaning “giving birth.” These related words also help to define techne.

Ancient philosophers wanted to know how things come into being. Thus, they used the word techne to explain the source of power existing between cause and effect. In other words, techne explains how a hidden cause becomes its manifested effect. In summary, techne was an ancient science of personal power to find creative solutions to problems independent of the normal methods of learning.


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