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The Forgotten Science of Enlightenment

The author doing Zen archery in Japan circa 1945.

The now forgotten science of enlightenment was known to the ancient sages. They were able to prove the existence of superior, creative or enlightened individuals with descriptions and explanations that only recently have been supported with modern science. Surprisingly, nearly everyone can obtain enlightenment (with effort). Or as history has proven, it can also be suppressed by society (with effort). Significantly, science today does not often study enlightened individuals. However, Abraham Maslow’s research  on enlightened people proves their existence and superiority but does not explain why.

Why are Enlightened Individuals Superior?

One reason of ‘why’ they are superior is that enlightened individuals have a different physiology resulting from certain muscle and organ development that society discourages. As will be shown, children naturally start to develop and use these muscles and organs. Sadly, these muscles fall into disuse as children learn to conform to modern society. However, before describing the particular physiology it is necessary to first review what it means to be an enlightened person.


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