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The Scaffold for Perfection

The Scaffold for Perfection is a re-telling of The Emerald TabletIt speaks to us of the creative powers contained within a dedicated joyful group. Also, it offers a summary of the content of our years of teaching and research and the joy that we found in the process. Obviously, the ancients were fully aware of what we claim to have found. But it seems that the old expressions of the process of becoming alive and responsive could stand some modernization.

We, for instance, all feel strongly moved with the opening lines of The Emerald Tablet “As above, so below.” But many people have studied and recognized the power of the individual mind, which we feel could replace the vague “above.” On the other hand, we found no better division of the world than into the masculine and feminine. Again, we felt that this concept could be simplified yet fully described with modern knowledge via the Scaffold for Perfection.

The ancient writings did have the added power of the poetry incorporated into their teachings. Our experiences in writing the Scaffold for Perfection revealed perhaps the source of the power of the poetry. As many poets report, the words start to flow and the writer can only hope to record the words as they arise from the creative depths. The miracle then occurs as one reads the words and experiences the added knowledge. Indeed, as we reread the Scaffold for Perfection, we still find new teachings and relate them to our daily experiences.

The Scaffold for Perfection appears below in its unbroken entirety. We suggest that you read it as poetry, letting feelings become intertwined with the words.

Finally, for those who wish to find the intellectual teachings, we added a repeat of each line of the Scaffold for Perfection with a short commentary.


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