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The Perfect Health Plan

Proven, Safe, and Inexpensive

There is, in fact, a nearly perfect health plan that continues through the ages manifested in the ability of people to bring forth that which was yearned for in their hearts. It is this power of health that has likewise caused it to be suppressed by rulers or institutions desirous of controlling others. This perfect health is defined, quite simply, as having the optimum ability to function and has little to do with the definitions now given by the pharmaceutical companies who have made their distorted definitions the law of the land.

The perfect plan is extremely difficult to describe since it is based on the inner metaphysical powers able to change the body and mind in order to find perfect health such as evidenced by the hero’s feats or the redirecting of lives. The difficulty in explaining this simple and proven plan is that it has been almost thoroughly suppressed by the rulers of society who attempt to replace the inner health of individuals with conformance to their will and command.


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