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The Science of Directing One’s Own Life

being god-like is the result of generating the power to direct one's own life.

The Science of Directing One’s Own Life introduces the concept that individuals have an inner source of power that can direct their lives. Research scientist Robert L. Peck introduces universal writings which support this concept of being god-like, that is, able to create. The model of inner individual power, however, is condemned and viewed as unlikely with our modern lifestyle and thinking. Nevertheless, Peck offers assurances that individuals have the potential to develop this inner power as described in many ancient writings.

Peck elaborates on how the inner power for directing one’s life must be generated physically using deep, inner abdominal muscles. The ancients had universal models called winnowing or churning to explain the special movement of this abdominal area, naturally experienced with deep exhalations or strong emotions. Read The Science of Directing One’s Own Life for evidence that individuals really do have powers to change their futures.


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