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The Nature of Joy

A comprehensive description of the metaphysical and physical experience of joy.

There is an old, common, yet very accurate, description of the nature of joy. It states quite simply that joy is the result of love in the heart becoming vitalized and manifested. This description has a nice ring to it, yet in this modern world we do not understand the nature of joy because we have lost the meanings of ‘love’ and ‘heart.’

For a quick introduction, love is a metaphysical feeling or vision of a better self and world as well as a guidance to effectuate the vision. Love can envision the union with another individual or some chosen evolution of the self and world. The heart serves as the central control for storing and manifesting the vision of what is loved and is located in the lower part of the body. The heart exists at the base of the spine within the sacrum bone (Latin: sacer: dedicated or holy place.) Joy, therefore, can be said to result from the manifesting of love in the sacred heart.

(Excerpt from a Personal Development Center publication,
Joy and Evolution by PeckCassinari & GavlickAlso available from Amazon Books)


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