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The Lost Method of the Methodists

Wesley revealed the method of the Methodists.

What was the lost method of the Methodists?

The Methodists grew out of a small group at Oxford in England led by John Wesley. He had a special method of adding fervor and zeal to his personal discipline of finding perfection. Yet Wesley was not known to have described what his method of fervor and zeal actually meant.

It is quite possible that he was not able to fully explain what to him must have been a gut reaction. However, many years after his Oxford days he finally gave a very unique and powerful sermon entitled On Zeal. Fortunately, this sermon gives insights into Wesley’s thinking behind the now lost method of the Methodists.

Certainly, he proved the power of his method. For he not only brought a new spiritual force into the Protestant movement, but also sought to improve social conditions in England.


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