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The Golden Triangle book by Robert L. Peck covers the origins of the tri-sexual nature of the body and other foundations of personal development.

The Golden Triangle

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:279
Book Price:$14.95

The Golden Triangle

Robert L. Peck,

The Golden Triangle presents Robert L. Peck’s initial translation of a hidden Sanskrit document which describes an inner source of power originally symbolized in an Indus Valley pre-Christian artifact and known to the ancients to be the root and proof of the attainment of inner powers. Peck first discusses the wisdom essential for understanding this hidden document entitled the Parātrimshikā and then introduces his translation. Later chapters discuss the definitions found in the hidden text which offer crucial information for understanding the actual powers upon which the world’s major religions are based. Peck explains that the secrecy of the Parātrimshikā was necessary to preserve ancient wisdom during the “age of darkness” known to India as the Kaliyuga age.