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The Golden Triangle book by Robert L. Peck covers the origins of the tri-sexual nature of the body and other foundations of personal development.

The Golden Triangle

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:279
Book Price:$14.95

The Golden Triangle

Robert L. Peck,

The Golden Triangle presents the philosophy and methodology of an ancient personal evolutionary science. This science describes three major elements that lead individuals to ecstasy and powers of life promised by the world’s mystical and religious writings.

This personal evolutionary science is described within a little-known Sanskrit document, the Parātrimshikā. Author Robert L. Peck spent years analyzing and translating several of its verses. The results point to an ancient science of self-transformation applicable to the modern world. Peck’s discovery of thirty-six verses embedded within the Sanskrit document led to his understanding of a method to convert lower forms of energy into higher forms within the body. Throughout the book, Peck discusses the relevance of other esoteric documents and terms such as the Word, Heart, Sun and Moon, Kingdom of Heaven, and World of Law. Peck also describes how many religious teachings are universal and reflect the basic principles of this evolutionary science.

The Golden Triangle is for those readers who are active, creative, curious and looking for more in life. The personal science it presents can assist those who are looking for an elevated intimacy (beyond sex) with others. It references androgyny as a necessity for evolution and identifies the location and source of androgyny.

No matter if you are young, middle-aged, or elderly, the mystical nature of change as a science applies to everyone. Most importantly, ancient science is about Energy and Knowledge (Physical Law). With the right knowledge and energy, you can find the golden triangle within and discover the inner processes of creating.