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American Meditation and Beginning Yoga provides the foundations of personal development with a focus on meditation. This book with written by Robert L. Peck.

American Meditation and Beginning Yoga

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:108
Book Price:$14.95

American Meditation and Beginning Yoga

Robert L. Peck,

American Meditation is one of the very first American books elaborating on the fundamental elements of Eastern Yoga. Author Robert L. Peck explains how the elements of Eastern Yoga integrate with Western Christian-Judaic thinking by clearly connecting modern physiology, philosophy, and religion to the ancient Indian system of self-development. Peck provides a practical introduction to the importance of the spiritual disciplines—meditation, breathing, and exercise.

Written during America’s New Age spiritual-consciousness awakening, American Meditation has become a timeless book that establishes how certainty is found within personal experience and intention. From Dharana Yoga (Concentration) to Kundalini Yoga (Bio-Energy) American Meditation provides clear, concise information for both the beginner and advanced. It is also one of the few books that connects the mystical goal of mantra practices to body sounds and energy centers. With many of the mystical practices of the Eastern Yogis explained, American Meditation bridges the wisdom of ancient times with modern experience.

Peck draws from personal experiences developing his own system of meditation and yoga. Throughout the book, Peck gives statistics gathered from his meditation classes as well as practical recommendations for busy, tense Americans. The celebrated Sri Madhav P. Pundit viewed the publication of American Meditation as a turning point in the history of spirituality. Pundit agreed with Peck’s philosophy that modern seekers should not convert but should be able to adapt to new experiences, new conditions, and to their own genius. As stated in Pundit’s endorsement of American Meditation, “…in this there is tantra, there is veda, there is everything.