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The Philosophy of Patanjali discusses the fundamentals of Yoga through a process of step-by-step self-analysis. This ancient philosophy is called Samkhya which translates as "complete knowledge".

The Philosophy of Patanjali

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:136
Book Price:$14.95

The Philosophy of Patanjali

The Philosophy of Patanjali
Robert L. Peck Author and Translator

The Philosophy of Patanjali is a literal English translation of the classic Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The fundamentals of Yoga Ashtanga (Raja) Yoga. were initially put into writing by Patanjali who lived about the time of Christ over 2,000 years ago. Understanding this fundamental philosophy starts with observation of one’s inner self and interactions with brain thoughts. Patanjali points the way toward this observation with his short descriptive statements. Patanjali then leads the reader into methods of controlling the brain, and hence the self, with steps well-founded on independent experiences. Consequently, Patanjali writes his philosophy from a higher viewpoint of the self.

Author and translator, Robert L. Peck, explains how Patanjali’s philosophic (Samkhya) approach is based on observations and experiences of living life fully and zestfully. He states that Patanjali’s writings are not only self-evident and rational, but also classified as “complete knowledge.” With this perspective, Peck writes in the manner of Patanjali’s comprehensive process of inquiry with fresh, insightful commentaries that are free from religious and political bias. Peck also points out that Patanjali’s text, like many ancient writings, contains teachings at different levels depending upon the experience of the reader.

The Philosophy of Patanjali presents a practical method to understand the self, the body, the mind, and the Divine. Ultimately, this complete philosophy goes to the core of our being as it addresses such questions as: Who am I? How is my life controlled? and Is it possible for me to control my life?