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Controlling Your Hormones by Robert L. Peck, Leslie M. Cassinari, and Christine S. Gavlick discusses how the integration of modern with ancient science

Controlling Your Hormones: Find Power Within

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:223
Book Price:$16.95

Controlling Your Hormones: Find Power Within

Lead Author Robert L. Peck,
with Leslie M. Cassinari, & Christine S. Gavlick

Controlling Your Hormones is about how ancient science was far ahead of modern science in the methods used to enhance the body and mind. Peck explains how the ancients taught to first reset and clear the mind and then make an image of who and what they desire to be. He reveals their methods to energize the body—used by heroes, children, and actors—necessary to manifest the image. These methods allow you to change your own hormones and be able to reach such goals as becoming a good parent or boss, becoming a powerful hero, or overcoming illness.