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Controlling Your Hormones presents fundamental control centers of the body and self-regulating methods for health and evolution.

Controlling Your Hormones

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:223
Book Price:$16.95

Controlling Your Hormones

Robert L. Peck,
Leslie M. Cassinari, and Christine S. Gavlick

Controlling Your Hormones presents three fundamental control centers of the body along with two major hormonal forces. As these control centers work in synergy with one another, understanding their function is vital for addressing mental and physical imbalances. Many individuals suffer from chronic stress due to increasing demands from the outer world. However, when the inner control centers of the body are understood and universal self-regulating methods are applied, excess stress can be controlled. Authors Peck, Cassinari, and Gavlick provide historical references presenting the philosophy and science that explain these natural, self-regulating methods.

Research scientist Robert L. Peck explains metaphysical causes and the mystery of their effects as an introduction to understanding the metaphysics that affect individuals. Readers will be able to explore the ancient Greek model of the inner self. This model describes “The Inner Me,” “The Feeling and Prudent Me,” and “The Physical Me.” They facilitate an understanding of how the hormones interface with the three controlling centers of the body. Peck skillfully uses modern terms to describe this ancient allegorical Greek model of an evolving individual.

In Controlling Your Hormones readers will be introduced to the reality that individuals can generate an inner power to control their lives. That is inner power is universal, part of an ancient science, and involves a union of the mind and body. In addition, the muscles and function of the perineum, the control of the body’s steroids and neuropeptides, and the effects of direct nipple stimulation (for both sexes.) are explained. Discover your full potential with an understanding of the ancient models of the self. Find more in life. Learn more about you.