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Finding Power by author Robert L. Peck describes unique model for personal change.

Finding Power

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:160
Book Price:$ 14.95

Finding Power

Robert L. Peck,

Finding Power describes a novel approach to personal change. Author Robert L. Peck shows a way for changing your self and world that compares with mechanical controls systems. With this view, the what and the how of personal change becomes clear and approachable. He shows the correspondence between the main elements of a mechanical control system and the main elements of the natural control system of the brain and body. This unique view of personal change arose from Peck’s work in electrical control systems and energy transfer combined with his study of universal philosophical models of the self.

Peck’s explanation of a control system of the bran and body is both philosophical and practical. Readers will learn that the inner process of changing requires a vision or expectation of the future along with a special physical energy. The book has useful examples of how the body’s inner control system operates in everyday situations. With each scenario, Peck discusses a particular control element and how adjusting that element changes the outcome.

In Finding Power, Peck’s model of control systems offers individuals a logical way to approach personal change. Readers can analyze a problem, see a solution, and initiate steps to change a behavior. The special energy needed for a particular change is also discussed along with techniques to develop it.

Finding Power presents change as a precise, well-understood process. It involves converting your own inner energy, coupling yourself to a desired future, and using the mind/body control system to effectuate desired changes.