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Directing Life offers proof of an inner transformational power within individuals which assists in reaching your goals in life.

Directing Life

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:186
Book Price:$14.95

Directing Life

Robert L. Peck, Leslie M. Cassinari, &
Christine S. Gavlick

Directing Life introduces the scientific and philosophical foundations needed to confirm that you do direct your own life. Individuals who create and contribute to the evolution of the world have a confidence from within themselves which they trust. Lead author and research scientist Robert L. Peck elaborates upon the science these individuals use to reach their dedicated goals in life. Instead of relying upon conditioned judgments, they trust their inspirations over ingrained obedience and become more vitalized and less robotic. Peck explains the physiology behind this increased vitality. He also explains how individuals can use the natural responses of the body in reaching their goals in life.

In addition, readers will discover that Directing Life offers proof of the reality of an inner transformational power that many people have always known to exist. For example, many remember from childhood how deep within themselves they knew what it meant to be good. They knew that they could obtain anything in their life that was deeply yearned and worked for. Authors Peck, Cassinari, and Gavlick explain how the rise of controlling institutions gradually forced people to ignore this inner power and rely instead upon society’s external rules and teaching. Subsequently, the majority of people no longer follow the inner urgings of their hearts, but instead judge themselves and others as to conformance to institutionally approved behavior or “what others might think.” Directing Life, however, reports upon the entirely opposite but universal views that prevailed more than two millennia ago.