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Power for Change

Power for Change

Publisher: Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:136
Book Price:$14.95

Power for Change

Robert L. Peck

Power for Change is about supernormal Power. It is the Power individuals find when they overcome nearly impossible odds to succeed in life. With this Power, heroes, geniuses as well as sages and social reformists of all ages improve the world. It is also the Power kings, rulers and prophets use to justify their positions. And it is the Power that the world’s major religions were founded upon but is now obscured.

Author Robert L. Peck explains that the manifesting of this transformational Power must be preceded by pure Knowledge without judgement or reservation. He describes its mystical nature and that it rises from the gut rather than from the head. This transformational Power surpasses power gained from the wisdom of the world as it originates from the inner depths of the Soul. Interestingly, this Power is also untouched by the deadly desires of the immediate world or self.

Peck, a research physicist specializing in energy, explains the nature of power and energy that appear in ancient writings of the world’s religions. In retranslating four ancient documents, with some terms gained from Sanskrit, Peck finds that the statements about supernormal powers are quite scientific and understandable. Rather than being just a quaint religious belief, supernormal powers are real and meaningful.

Power for Change presents the rediscovery of the original teaching of the early religions and philosophies by reviewing ancient documents from a scientific perspective. You will gain a clear understanding of the ancient viewpoints of the mystical nature of energy and change. You can transform yourself and your world when you understand the power to change lies within.