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Joy and Evolution describes how to access joy in life and explains the true nature of the sacral dynamic heart at the base of the spine.

Joy and Evolution

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:291
Book Price:$14.95

Joy and Evolution

Robert L. Peck,
Leslie M. Cassinari, & Christine S. Gavlick


Joy and Evolution is about experiencing the joy that opens to an intoxicating future where you can be filled with an overflowing feeling of life and excitement. This joy is often associated with those moments when we achieve the unreachable or when we find the oneness of first love.  

Lead author Robert L. Peck explains how the nature of joy and its powerful effects is determined by our state of mind and body. He explains that when doing our duty becomes a game, we can experience significant mental and physiological changes. These changes lead to a critical paradigm shift of the location of your controlling heart. Your blood pumping heart is in your chest (see heart), but your center or sacral heart is at the base of your spine (see sacrum). Peck explains when you fully recognize this dynamic sacral “heart” within you, life changes in surprising and unexpected ways. Like the poets say, one experiences the balance and union of reason with feeling. The drudgery of life is replaced with the open, evolving potential of life.

Readers will find a wealth of information in Joy and Evolution as the authors discuss ways to develop the sacral heart, beginning with the muscles of the lower abdomen. They also explain overcoming obstacles, such as the enforced tensions that weaken this heart. Discover your sacral heart and increase those moments when the future is desired, and joy is found.