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Joy and Evolution by Robert L. Peck, Leslie M. Cassinari, and Christine S. Gavlick describes how to access joy in life and explains the true nature of the lower heart at the base of the spine. These foundations of personal development are often overlooked, ignored and suppressed with enforced tensions.

Joy and Evolution

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:291
Book Price:$14.95

Joy and Evolution

Lead Author Robert L. Peck,
With Leslie M. Cassinari, &
Christine S. Gavlick

Joy and Evolution verifies the location of your true heart and describes how this heart is your ultimate power source. Peck, Cassinari, and Gavlick offer startling proofs that: 1) your true heart is located at the base of the spine, 2) the muscles of your lower abdomen which power the true heart are weakened with disuse and socially enforced tensions, and 3) the universal writings of how to activate personal inner power have been deliberately changed to reflect institutional concepts. When this lower heart is found and activated, the future is desired as one finds joy in reaching for more in life.