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Creating Heaven on Earth book by Robert L. Peck features the five elements; ecstasy, voluptuous, rebirth, unity, and quickening which are vital in experiencing a heaven on earth. These elements are part of the foundations of personal development.

Creating Heaven on Earth

Publisher:Personal Development Center
Number of Pages:178
Book Price:$14.95

Creating Heaven on Earth

Robert Lester Peck,

Creating Heaven on Earth describes that glorious state when conscious worries and judgments disappear. The world and self are blended into a state of oneness with the present as well as the future. Author Robert L. Peck describes Heaven on earth as more than a myth or religious concept, but as an exalted, creative state of the mind and body. He outlines how this creative state is associated with five attributes: unity, ecstasy, voluptuousness, quickening, and rebirth (becoming a new person.) These characteristics are not valued by institutions that try to control individuals. As a result, seeking a heavenly state is made suspect in the modern world.

Peck approaches the topic of Heaven on earth by elaborating on its physical and mental characteristics and providing examples throughout the book. He suggests that readers can be assured of the possibility of a Heaven on earth because of their experience with self-created Hells on earth.

Peck provides a simple model of three primary worlds of experience. The worlds of Hell, Social, and Heaven, each with specific states of the mind and body. Ordinarily, individuals toggle between a Social reality and a Hellish one. However, Peck explains how individuals can reclaim the ability to create their own Heaven on earth.

Creating Heaven on Earth includes literal translations of ancient Greek and Sanskrit writings. These translations yield long-forgotten secrets about Heaven and its attainment. They also will be revealed to support joyous, evolving individuals.